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Photography Express

RRP $15.99

Get on the EXPRESS for "Photography"

Know How to Get into Photography and Become a Professional Photographer

Welcome aspiring photographer! You are here because you have a love for or are interested in taking up the art of photography. Plain and simple. Well, good for you!

On the other hand if you're not...why should you get into photography?

- You can invoke powerful feelings that move and inspire people.
- You can develop your artistic side and eye to see beauty in all things.
- You can capture people's precious moments to create priceless memories.
- You can make a difference by telling the world's stories through imagery.
- You can make money doing something fun, exciting, and stimulating.

Whether you want to be an editorial photographer, fashion photographer, event photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, landscape photographer, etc., there are so many paths you could go with photography - as a profession, hobbit, or just for fun.

But anybody can take a photo you say? On the surface, photography does seem like something anybody and their monkey can do; hence, you hold a camera, focus it, and hit the shutter button. And don't think just being able to apply Instagram filters is what makes a photo professional.

It would be an insult to the real professionals out there to say that anybody with a camera or phone is a photographer; however, at the same, anybody certainly can become a photographer. It's simply a matter of having the basic foundation down then building upon that to continue mastering your craft.

By taking the "Photography Express," your destination includes:

- How to select the perfect camera for you, not the most expensive nor best rated one that changes every year.

- How to master the basic and advanced photo-taking techniques that all professional photographers know.

- How to manipulate all sorts of lighting or none whatsoever with each camera shot and angle regardless of flash.

- How to polish up your photos to perfection during final post-editing with different editing options and software.

- How to take photography to the next level by being a professional photography in starting your own business.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action to learn photography for beginners.

...and much more.

There is more to the art of photography than most people would ever imagine. All the nuances of a photo meticulously created takes skills and mastery. "Photography Express" will give you everything you need to get up to speed to being a professional photographer.

Expressions Of A Son

RRP $66.99

Expressions of A Son Reflections. . . Lovers in Life. . . Faith in Life. . . This is my Gift to you. A body of work of my own perceptions of all the things I find to be prevalent in life. It is not meant to shape your complete thought on a subject. But my intent is to inspire thought on these prevalent topics.

First Impression Express

RRP $15.99

Get on the EXPRESS for "First Impression"

Know How to Charm and Connect with People Upon Meeting Them, and Create a Lasting Impression

Do you get butterflies in your stomach whenever you enter a room full of people? Do you become nervous with the thought of having to engage with a fellow stranger? Do you sweat like a pig at any attempt of connecting with others?

Don't worry, you're not alone! This is all too common. It's normal that we all want to make a good first impression upon other people. Why? Because the first impression is the last impression you'll get in determining whether you make a new friend, attract a business partner, land a prospective client, etc.

But why are we so afraid of this all-dreaded first impression, and with getting it right? It's because of the fear of failure in messing it up. Nobody likes to be humiliated and feel embarrassed in the presence of others with the risk of being rejected, being as painful as inflicted physical pain.

Don't blame yourself for this; it's not your fault you feel these kinds of emotions. We are biologically fearful of being ostracized from a group because of the lesser chance of survival back in ancestral days being the one-man tribe. That's why we need to connect with others but at the same time are fearful to do so.

Good news is, if you aren't the most attractive person or know how to make a good impression right now, you can easily learn to charm the living daylight out of anybody and get people to like you upon meeting them to make a positive lasting impression that will linger within their minds long after the interaction is over using common cues and simple strategies.

By taking the "First Impression Express," your destination includes:

- How to unlock multi-sense appeal to stimulate a person's likeability towards you without much effort.

- How to attract the right person's attention who you're looking to get acquainted with and approach them.

- How to make a powerful impact upon any room you walk into with the Matador Approach.

- How to handle challenges and previous unflattering reputational bias from your audience.

- How to take it to the next level and establish next time with the people you meet as a new connection.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to meet, charm, and connect with people.

...and much more.

With any first impression, you only get one shot at it! So don't mess it up. Make it count the first time around.

From A Nobody To Somebody

RRP $27.50

the book is a legard of how my life went from being a nobody to being a somebody just because I obey the lord.

Express Book Launch

RRP $16.99

Launching a book on Amazon is a complex strategy that takes months to be correctly understood. For most authors on Amazon, this has been the most challenging process of the business. How can you launch a book? 1. Free launch 2. Paid launch at $0.99 3. Both - Free + Paid Most of the scammers and all of the so called 'online entrepreneurs' will tell you that "self-publishing is a passive income stream - you only do it once and then you're done - money will start rolling in over and over again, month after month. " Now let me tell you the sad truth Everything you heard is completely WRONG. There is no such thing as 100% passive income stream - any kind of business needs maintenance, even passive ones. As a wise person once said, "If you're not growing, you're dying."


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